I am a futuristic web/product designer and developer, inspired to create state-of-the-art mobile and web interfaces that can change minds, touch hearts and ease people’s lives. I specialize in providing solutions for the web, mobile applications, product and user-centric design.

With my background in both industrial design and web design and new media, I have the ability to create designs that fully embrace the fundamentals of a successful product: clear design thinking and effective problem solving. I’ve collaborated on multiple projects using a wide array of mediums, varying between virtual reality design, iot design, corporate branding, UI/UX design and product design. Each project allowed me to finesse my skillsets, find my voice as a designer, and create products and websites that have meaning and purpose.


VR Project


VR FOOD SAFETY is an interactive VR experience working with Google Cardboard device. This App aims to educate users about food safety. Through this app, people will learn how to destroy the harmful bacteria in their food.

The Sience Behind the Problem

Food borne illness or food poisoning is caused by consuming contaminated food or beverages. More than 250 different diseases cause food poisoning. Some of the most common diseases are infections caused by bacteria, such as Campylobacter, Salmonella, E-Coli.


The solution is resulted into four core practices. However, for this specific project the scope is “Proper Cooking”.


To execute this project, after sketching and basic modeling in Second Life, I initially made a quick VR simulation in aFrame (A-Frame is an open-source framework for easily creating WebVR experiences with HTML). I also wanted to experiment with WebVR, which is a new method of fast prototyping for virtual reality content. It allows users to experience the environment through web browser without the need for any headsets. However, since it was my first iteration and I was not fully satisfied with the visual design, I did not add much details and interactions to this environment.

You may find the preliminary prototype of my VR FOOD SAFETY environment on the right hand side.

Feel free To look around the VR environment. Please Move the red cursor and hover it over the blue dot.




The primary target audience are mainly
restaraunt staff who need to be trained
in compliance with all the food safey requirements.


The secondary target audience are cooking
class students who need to be familiarized
with the fundamentals of safe cooking


User starts experimenting with the environment. She sees a blinking blue dot above the stove where a peiece of meat is being coocekd on a pan. When the user clicks on the blinking dot, a warning message pops up and indicates that the food is contaminated with the E-coli bacteria.

Then the user clicks on the “Destroy the Bacteria” button and the food safety question pops up and the user chooses the "Tempreture" as the answer.(The user has limited time to answer the question, if she fails to answer, she will loose points)

After clicking on the “Temperature” button, the user observes the aggregations of the bacteria on low temperature. While She drags the temperature slider up, she recognizes that the bacteria count inside the food is gradually decreasing until the tempreture reaches 157F. At this point, the bacteria is completely destroyed.