I am a futuristic web/product designer and developer, inspired to create state-of-the-art mobile and web interfaces that can change minds, touch hearts and ease people’s lives. I specialize in providing solutions for the web, mobile applications, product and user-centric design.

With my background in both industrial design and web design and new media, I have the ability to create designs that fully embrace the fundamentals of a successful product: clear design thinking and effective problem solving. I’ve collaborated on multiple projects using a wide array of mediums, varying between virtual reality design, iot design, corporate branding, UI/UX design and product design. Each project allowed me to finesse my skillsets, find my voice as a designer, and create products and websites that have meaning and purpose.


IOT Project


WAKE ME UP is a smart window shutter that senses and reacts to sunlight. When the sun rises and shines at the window, the shutter opens automatically, and when the sun sets and the light go away, the shutter will be closed. This allows the user to wake up easily early in the morning, and catch a good sleep in a dark room while it’s still time to sleep.


You may have experienced waking up to panic with the horrific sound of your alarm clock in the morning, or perhaps you had a difficult time sleeping early in the morning because you forgot to close your window shutter the night before. This definatly may affect your whole day just because of the way you woke up.


A natural source can be good alternative for alarming clock . WAKE ME UP is a smart window shutter that solves your problem. When the sun rises and shines the right amount of light at the window, the shutter opens automatically to gently light up your room and wake you up, and when the sun sets and the light goes away, the shutter will be closed to keep the room dark for a comfortable sleep.



I coded this project in arduino (an Open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects). To implement, I attached couple more electronic pieces into breadboard and connected them to the arduino USB board.



Measuring and modeling of this project was crucially important. I changed my model couple times in order to follow the function. To execute, I used to Rhinoceros(a 3D design software) to get precise result.