I am a futuristic web/product designer and developer, inspired to create state-of-the-art mobile and web interfaces that can change minds, touch hearts and ease people’s lives. I specialize in providing solutions for the web, mobile applications, product and user-centric design.

With my background in both industrial design and web design and new media, I have the ability to create designs that fully embrace the fundamentals of a successful product: clear design thinking and effective problem solving. I’ve collaborated on multiple projects using a wide array of mediums, varying between virtual reality design, iot design, corporate branding, UI/UX design and product design. Each project allowed me to finesse my skillsets, find my voice as a designer, and create products and websites that have meaning and purpose.




SigOrtho is an iOS application designed for Invisalign patients. It allows them to monitor and track their treatment progress based on 3D oral scans performed by the orthodontist during each visit. It also creates a 3D time-lapse simulation of the treatment progress towards the target alignment results.

What is an Invisalign

Invisalign is a clear removable aligner used for straightening the patients' teeth. Unlike traditional braces or retainers, Invisalign is virtually invisible and is custom crafted based on each patient's specific alignment goals.

What type of patients use Invisalign

Patients who want to…

1- Straighten their teeth without the hassle of traditional metal braces
2- Spend less time for their treatment
3- Eliminate the food restrictions imposed by traditional braces
4- And finally, the Patients who care the most about the beauty of their smile and want to keep the treatment invisible in case of attending special meetings, public speech, etc.

I’m an Invisalign patient myself. It’s been two months since I’ve started my Invisalign treatment. Despite the significant progress I’ve made so far, I came across a few major challenges that I’ve found are common amongst many other patients as well. Therefore, I decided to address these user needs and come up with a solution that is targeted towards enhancing the Invisalign journey.


To begin, I created a provisional persona for a typical Invisalign patient based on my observations. I used it as a guide to understand the patient's needs and goals, and expectations.

Job Stories

I leveraged the Jobs To Be Done Framework to frame the design problem in a job, focusing on the triggering situation (Red Underlines), the motivation and goal (Orange underlines), and Intended outcome( Green Underlines). I created the below job stories based on interviews with Signature Orthodontics patients.


  • Treatment dissatisfactions caused by unrealistic expectations

  • Time consuming process of the existed reward points system for tracking the reward points.

  • Lack of a user friendly interface for scheduling or changing appointments

  • Difficulty with staying directly in-touch with the orthodontist




SigOrtho App has 4 main features: messaging system, rewards, appointment management, and treatment tracking.


Patients may need to seek consultations with their doctor throughout their treatments using this iOS application. The messaging system allows them to stay in-touch with their doctor at the touch of a button.


Following doctor's instructions will be rewarding! Patients can gain reward points based on the continuous wearing and cleaning of the aligners and use them to win prizes on their next visit or at the end of the treatment.


The iOS application allows users to easily schedule or make changes to their appointments. It also provides frequent reminders to make sure the next visit is not forgotten.


The progress tracker is a key feature of the SigOrtho application. It allows patients to keep a record of the 3D oral scans during each visit to the office. Patients can view their progress over time and visualize a simulation of the expected results in the near future.

Drag the slider to see the changes from alignment number 0 at the start of the treatment all the way to alignment 20, which is the end goal of the treatment.


UI Design





I uesd Invision as a prototype tool for user testing. Below is the prototype ready to try out.

To start, Click or tap on the screen!